The Culinary Experience

In addition to its beautiful nature, Velika planina offers you the opportunity to taste the traditional cuisine. In summer months, you can eat like a true herdsman, but it is also possible to choose from a variety of delicious homemade dishes, fresh bread, cheese and milk. We would suggest you treat yourself to štruklji (handmade sweet dumplings with cottage cheese) before returning to the valley. 

As it is common in the mountains, you can try hearty meals eaten with a spoon (e.g. jota, ričet) on Velika planina as well. A popular choice are also Slovene pork sausages with sauerkraut and pork cracklings. The most popular dessert is štruklji (handmade sweet dumplings with cottage cheese). Do not miss two culinary specialities unique to Velika planina - the hard cheese Trnič and a very special brandy Ruševec.