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A cosy getaway in the heart of pristine nature

Cottage Zlatorog

Rest on the clouds

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Relax in the embracement of nature

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A getaway with the best view


With its incredible nature, spectacular views and easy accessibility, Velika planina is the perfect place to get away from the bustle of daily routine. It is perfect for short walks or longer hikes, or simply for admiring local heritage and picturesque nature in every season.


You will be enchanted by the beauty of pristine nature on Velika planina all year round. In winter, it is covered with snow; in spring, the whiteness of the snow is replaced by shades of violet created by thousands of blooming saffron. In summer, the cows liven up Velika planina, giving it a special charm; whereas autumn with its game of colours paints spectacular views and romantic sunsets.

The culinary experience

In addition to its beautiful nature, Velika planina offers you the opportunity to taste the traditional cuisine. In summer months, you can eat like a true herdsman, but it is also possible to choose from a variety of delicious homemade dishes, fresh bread, cheese and milk. We would suggest you treat yourself to štruklji (handmade sweet dumplings with cottage cheese) before returning to the valley.


Velika planina is home to one of the oldest and best-kept herdsman’s settlements in Europe. The picturesque village with its tiny church and a museum depicting the life of herdsmen in the beginning of the 19th century is not just a fairytale scenery – it comes to life every summer, when the herdsmen bring their cows up to the mountain pasture.


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Guest reviews

This little cottage is a pure treasure: stormy and cozy nights, mistic foggy days and a breathtaking sunrise.
It should be enough if we say we felt like Heidi in Peter.
Odhajamo zadovoljni, srečni in veseli. Pogumno naprej, mi še pridemo!

An evening on Velika planina


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