Summer is approaching and with it also holidays. There are fewer and fewer available dates, so now is the right time to book your vacation for this summer.

We have opened appointments from June to August

Spring is already knocking on the door, and summer is just around the corner. For now, there are still a few free appointments in Cottage BistraOjstricaKroncaZlatorog in Žafran. You can find all free dates for a fairytale vacation on Velika planina under “Booking“.

For more information, write to info@koca.si or call us on 00386 40 850 330.

There are still a few weekend appointments available in April and May

The first free period during the weekend is next week from Friday, March 15 to Sunday, March 17, 2021. We have a few more snowy days ahead of us, and then the saffrons will come, and after them, the cows will slowly take over the mountains.

Give a gift voucher

You can also give a gift voucher, which we can completely adapt to your wishes – you can choose the cottage and date yourself, or leave the decision to the recipient. You can also add a personal note to the voucher – trust us with what you would like to write on it and we will make sure that the recipient will receive a voucher with your dedication.

Gift vouchers for staying in our cottages can be bought and given as gifts all year round.