An experience I will never forget

Nice to hear that staying in our cottages is one of the best experiences evers

This winter we hosted photographer and instagrammer Costa Kapoor who visited Slovenia for the first time. Beside the amazing photos he took, he has also written all about his experience in Slovenia. There is nothing more beautiful than to hear one say that staying with us was an experience, which they will never forget.

Barvit sončni zahod na Veliki planini

Colourful sunset on Velika planina
Photo: Costa Kapoor

Out through my window, a clear view of the peaks of Kamnik-Savinja Alps in the distance. Fresh bread and cheese on the kitchen counter, a small library down the stairs, and a sauna next to the bathroom. There was still a fire going, so the chalet had a warmth that the fierce wind and cold outside seemed incapable of providing,” was Costa’s first impression of Slovenia and Velika planina.

A place to stay for everyone

I am not a mountaineer, and the cold inevitably got to me. I had to head back inside the chalet to warm up,Costa writes in his blog and at the same time admits that his stay in our cottages Ojstrica and Bistra was one of the best things in his life. “To my surprise, what was orange light had now turned a delicate pink. The clouds which had been set ablaze by the sunset now seemed to float in a heavenly fairytale.” He admits that hadn’t he seen the colors of the evening, he wouldn’t have believed that photos taken on Velika plana are real.

Soncni zahod na Veliki planin je pravi raj za fotografe

Sunsets on Velika planina are paradise for photographers
Photo: Costa Kapoor

A paradise for photographers and nature lovers

A sunset I thought could get no better had suddenly become one it would be impossible to ever recreate, it seemed. Here I found myself, gazing out at a sunset in Velika Planina, high up on the Slovenian Alps, in a shepherd’s hut turned chalet. It was a moment to pinch myself, just to make sure I wasn’t in fact dreaming, still drooling on my pillow back in Bermondsey,” he writes amazed by the beauties of our Velika planina.

Slovenia – a hidden treasure

Slovenia, it would turn out, was full of surprises. My experience in the first couple hours at Koča Ojstrica would not be an anomaly, rather a cue for the days ahead. The night sky on the slopes would be so full of stars that it would remind me of French Polynesia, a place so far removed and so different to where we were now, rather than one closer and more similar, like Norway or England. Slovenia seemed to defy expectations,” was Costas’ conclusion of his first visit of Slovenia.

Tudi za planinarjenje nevajene ljudi, je Velika planina pravi raj

Even you are not mountain person Velika planina is true fairytale
Photo: Costa Kapoor

The original article is available here.

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Jutranje prebujanje zimske idile na Veliki planini s Kočo Ojstrica

Winter mornings on Velika planina are just amazing. Would you like to weak up in cottage Ojstrica?
Photo: Costa Kapoor